Forex Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Forex Server handles all intense and complex trading strategies. Harness powerful Inter processing power and dedicated resources today!

Zero setup fees

Fast setup and provisioning

1-millisecond latency

Consistent returns

Unlock the Potential of Algorithmic Trading

Discover our cutting-edge automated trading solution, an AI-powered software robot designed to make informed buy and sell decisions on your behalf. With the potential to deliver consistent monthly returns ranging from 6% to 12%.

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Who Should Use Dedicated Servers

Starting from $100 USD

High-frequency traders running multiple terminals

Algo developers looking to run several EAs and to boost control & security

Money managers running PAMM or MAM accounts

Traders with highly customisable needs that need extra control

Boost Your Trading

Full hardware resources

There are absolutely no shared computing or storage resources on our Dedicated Forex Servers

Bursting speeds

Enjoy all the control, boost trade execution speed and unmatched performance other servers cannot deliver

Lightning fast SSD

SSD hard drive provides improved performance from faster disk I/O


Power outages happen. When they do, our redundant power configurations take over, keeping all hardware running

Tier-1 bandwidth

All servers come with optimized 10Gb/s network interface

24/7 support

With our team of skilled professionals, customers will always be able to obtain answers to any questions or concerns

Dedicated Forex Servers Plans & Pricing

Build your own custom Forex Dedicated Server

Starting from $100 USD

16-64 GB of RAM

Intel Xeon (6-8 Cores)

2x500 GB - 2x2 TB of Storage (SSD)

Optional Automatic Update

Auto Startup for MT4

Low Latency to Top FX Brokers

Dedicated IP

Windows Server 2016/19/22

Full Hardware Resources

DDos Volumetric and L4 Protocol-based Protection

Datacenters Location

Forex VPS hosting servers located in prime data centers in New York, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Washington DC, Toronto, Paris. Pick one that suits you and enjoy our Forex VPS solutions.

It's simple

How It Works

Effortlessly link Frequencee to your trading account by following a few straightforward steps and watch our algorithm work tirelessly to optimize your invest meets.

#1 Pick a Brokerage

Sign up
Complete KYC
Fund your Account

#2 Buy Frequencee

Complete One Time Setup
Wait 24 Hours for Activation

#3 Start Trading

Start Trading

Our Servers Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

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What sets your trading bot apart from other investment options?

Our trading bot stands out as a result of our team's extensive experience in both trading and programming, accumulating over four years of expertise. The core innovation lies in its sophisticated design, focusing on meticulous analysis of current market trends in comparison to historical data.

How does your trading bot benefit users with no trading experience?

Our trading bot is specifically tailored to empower individuals without any trading background. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it allows users to invest their funds autonomously, eliminating the need for professional advice or intervention. The bot has undergone continuous refinement, ensuring that our company only charges fees based on profits generated, providing a unique and transparent approach to automated trading.

How does your company ensure customer trust and financial security?

We prioritize customer trust and financial security through a distinctive model. Unlike traditional investment platforms, we do not directly handle our customers' funds until profits are realized. This approach safeguards our clients' capital and aligns our success with theirs. Our commitment to transparency and client-centric practices ensures a secure and reliable automated trading experience.

Can users expect daily profits from your trading bot?

Yes, our trading bot is engineered to provide a consistent and reliable source of daily profits. By leveraging real-time market data and historical analysis, it autonomously executes trades, enabling users to benefit from market opportunities without the need for active involvement. The automated nature of our system ensures efficiency and profitability on a daily basis.

What do I need to start using your Trading Bot?

To initiate the seamless integration of our Trading Bot with your MetaTrader4 account, you only need a few minutes and the following steps:

Purchase the Trading Bot:
Acquire our Trading Bot with a one-time setup fee of $1,000. This fee covers the comprehensive setup process and ensures access to our cutting-edge automated

Brokerage Information:
Upon purchase, our team will promptly contact you via email to gather information about the brokerageplatform you've selected. This step is crucial for ensuring a tailored integration process.

Brokerage Verification and Integration:
Following receipt of your brokerage details, our team will verify the information and proceed with the integration process. This step is handled by our skilled professionals, streamlining the entire setup for you.

Fund Your Brokerage Account:
Once the integration is complete, all that remains is for you to fund your brokerage account. This ensures that your Trading Bot is ready to engage in automated trading on your behalf.

Commence Automated Trading:
With your brokerage account funded, our Trading Bot is ready to start its automated trading activities. Sitback and let our technology work for you, generating profits and optimizing your trading experience.
Our user-friendly process is designed to make the setup as straightforward as possible, enabling you to embark on your automated trading journey with ease. If you have any questions or require further assistance during the setup, our dedicated team is here to support you.

What if I want to change my MT4 account?

Each user is entitled to a single MT4 account activation. In the event that your previous account is discontinued or you wish to switch to a new account, the acquisition of a new license for the subsequent MT4 account becomes a mandatory requirement.


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